Lombok Loop Trip Details

4-day 3 Night Itinerary

Departing weekly every Thursday morning from the meeting point in Senggigi.

Embark on an unparalleled adventure with the Lombok Loop, a motorcycle journey that takes you beyond the ordinary and around the heart of Lombok, Indonesia’s best-kept secret.

Trip Cost: 4.8M 4.2M IDR per person for a limited time.

  • Set off from Senggigi, diving straight into the adventure driving up the winding mountain paths over Melase Hill for breathtaking views over the entire island.
  • Experience local culture at a traditional market, sampling snacks and exploring city landmarks.
  • Dive into local crafts with a short coconut oil workshop in our founder Dayat’s village, followed by a delicious lunch.
  • Spend the afternoon hopping between the stunning south coast beaches of Kuta Lombok. Visit beach icons like Selong Belanak, Mawi, Mawun, and Tampah, with snacks along the way.
  • End the day with a sunset at our secret Lombok Loop sunset beach location, before checking into a popular hostel in Kuta (private rooms available).
  • Enjoy dinner together and have some free time to explore in the evening.
  • After breakfast, we take the rice-terraced backroads leading to Tetebatu. On the way, we make a brief stop to marvel at traditional houses and hand weaving.
  • Traverse picturesque rice fields and local villages en route to Tetebatu, with plenty of scenic stops on the way.
  • Swim and cliff jump (optional) at Tetebatu waterfall, followed by a delicious traditional buffet lunch.
  • Next we take the winding mountain roads around Mount Rinjani, through the foggy jungle monkey forest to an amazing viewpoint before dropping down into the mountain town of Sembalun.
  • Check into a camping site (with bungalow options) for the night. We will enjoy a buffet dinner at the camp, followed by a fireside evening of music and fun.
  • After a hearty breakfast with clear sunrise views over Mount Rinjani, we head out to an amazing strawberry farm viewpoint and visit some traditional houses. The roads here are some of the most beautiful of the trip.
  • Next we journey to Senaru, making snack stops, visiting the oldest mosque in Lombok, and sampling traditional rice wine (optional).
  • At Senaru, we take in the majestic Tiu Kelep waterfall from above, with an option to hike to the waterfall or relax by the pool at our secret jungle pool resort.
  • In the afternoon, we make our way down to the coast, stopping along the way to admire amazing views.
  • The evening brings dinner, a burnfire, fire dance, karaoke, guitar, and dancing to celebrate the last night together and forge a lifelong friendship with our Lombok Loop team.
  • Today we will slowly make our way around the coast back to Senggigi. But there are plenty of great stops on the way.
  • First, we enjoy a leisurely breakfast before soaking up the sun at Nipah Beach.
  • Afterwards we head to some lesser-known Senggigi Beaches and stop at some amazing viewpoints.
  • The trip ends with a group lunch in Senggigi, wrapping up an unforgettable journey with an option to join our weekly end-of-trip island camping trip in the Secret Gilis (add-on).

Venture onto roads less traveled by tourists, where the true essence of the island unfolds in front of your eyes. Imagine riding through expansive rice terraces that paint the countryside in shades of green, alongside pristine beaches where the turquoise sea kisses golden sands, and into the dense jungles that conceal waterfalls of unimaginable beauty. Ascend winding mountain paths that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, with the mighty Mount Rinjani rising beyond every bend.

Our trip draws inspiration from the legendary Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam, but we think it’s even better! The Lombok Loop charts a unique course through Lombok’s less-traveled paths, guided by locals who know the island like the back of their hand. This is more than a motorcycle tour—it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the culture, landscapes, and camaraderie of Lombok and its Sasak people, all while experiencing the thrill of discovery on two wheels.

Join us as we forge unforgettable bonds and create stories that will be told for years to come.

Got a Question? – Contact Our booking Team

Promo price: 4.8M 4.2M IDR per person for a limited time

Book now and only pay a deposit of 520K per person to secure your spot on the Lombok Loop.

Tourist and travel guides in Lombok

What’s Included?

  • Guide, rider, motorbike, fuel
  • All Safety gear & backpack cover
  • 3x nights accommodation in a homestay, hostel, and camping (upgrades available)
  • 3x meals per day (2x meals on Day 4)
  • Water & snacks daily
  • All activities & entrance fees

What’s Not Included?

  • Transport to the starting point (we can arrange this at an extra cost)
  • Additional drinks, alcohol, & other personal expenses
  • Transport from other regions of Lombok
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips/Gratuities

Get Ready

Girl riding a motorcycle in Lombok, Indonesia

We keep the groups small for a more intimate experience. Booking in advance is essential! Book your trip, pay your deposit, and we’ll arrange the rest.

Our booking process is quick and easy allowing you to reserve your place on the tour with just a few clicks.

As your departure date approaches, it’s time to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Check our essential packing list below to ensure you have all the essentials for your Lombok Loop tour. Don’t forget your camera!

Important: Every traveler is responsible for their own travel insurance. Please make sure that this covers motorcycle tours and activities.

Once you’ve arrived in Lombok, our experienced booking team can help to arrange your transport to the starting point in Senggigi. We recommend staying in Senggigi the night before (speak to our booking team for recommendations & transport).

If you need assistance in getting to Senggigi from other parts of Lombok, the Gili Islands, or Bali, let our team know, we’re happy to help.

The Lombok Loop starts bright and early at 07:30 at our meeting point in Senggigi. We will share a comprehensive and upbeat briefing, providing you with a detailed itinerary and all safety information. This is when you will get introduced to your local rider & other travelers (who you will form a bond with over the next 4 days).

Our team will provide you with all the safety gear you want, including a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Let us help you prepare for your trip.

Your belongings are stored on the back of the motorcycle using straps & a waterproof bag cover during the trip. This means we can only accommodate soft bags like duffels, backpacks, or totes. You will have access to your bag throughout the whole trip.

We recommend that you keep your bag light and avoid bringing many valuables. Here’s the Lombok Loop gear list:

Personal Documents

  • Cash for additional spending
  • Remainder of trip fees (if applicable)
  • Travel insurance confirmation


  • Lightweight, breathable clothing for hot and humid weather for 4x days and 3x nights
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho for rain showers
  • Swimwear for beaches and waterfalls
  • Comfortable footwear for walking and hiking
  • Flip-flops or sandals for casual wear
  • Hat and sunglasses for sun protection
  • A warm sweater and pants for the cool evening in the mountains (Sembalun)
  • Sarong or covering – for local villages & religious/cultural attractions

Gear and Equipment

  • Small backpack or duffel bag to sit on the back of the bike (no suitcases) – 30-60L
  • Small backpack for day trips (optional)
  • Reusable water bottle or Grayl Bottle

Toiletries and Health

  • Sunscreen with high SPF
  • Personal hygiene items & medications (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Insect repellent (optional)


  • Smartphone and charger
  • Power bank for charging devices (optional)
  • Camera or action camera with memory cards and batteries
  • Universal travel adapter (optional)

All travelers on the Lombok Loop must ride as passengers with a local Lombok guide, much like the easy rider tours on the Ha Giang Loop (Vietnam). The Lombok roads are challenging and our itinerary avoids the main roads. This means steep unpaved sections, driving on cliff edges, and encountering obstacles like monkeys and jungle trees– best leave it to the locals so you can enjoy the view.

The Lombok Loop is a 4-day, 3-night adventure starting from Senggigi in Western Lombok. We suggest all travelers stay one night in Senggigi before the trip. Contact us to arrange pickup and transport from the Gili Islands, Bangsal Pier, Kuta Lombok, Mataram, Tetebatu, or Northern Lombok.

Our professional local riders can accommodate all passenger travelers, no previous passenger experience is required. Each group will undergo a briefing prior to departure and receive safety gear including a helmet and elbow/knee pads (optional).

Yes, each and every traveler on the Lombok Loop is responsible for their own travel insurance. Please ensure that this covers motorcycle activities.

Our accommodation options are as vibrant and diverse as our stops! Here is a rundown.

  • Kuta – hostel style dorm accommodation with private room upgrades available
  • Sembalun – camping beneath Mount Rinjani (2-bed bungalow upgrade available)
  • Senggigi – homestay accommodation

Your belongings are stored on the back of the motorcycle using straps & a waterproof bag cover during the trip. This means we can only accommodate soft bags like duffels, backpacks, or totes. You will have access to your bag throughout the whole trip.

The Lombok Loop arranges small-group motorcycle tours up to 12 people maximum. Usually, trips run with 6-8 people.

Yes. Please let our booking team know about any food allergies and special food requirements prior to starting the Lombok Loop and we will ensure you are taken care of.

Phone service is available in Lombok with a local sim card. Popular options are Telksomsell and XL. Alternatively, purchasing an Airalo eSim is another easy way to stay connected on the Loop.

We have strategic toilet breaks stopping regularly througout the day. Your professional guide and riders will communicate with you. However, travelers are encouraged to speak to their riders and let them know if you need to stop.

The Loop goes on! Many of the scenic routes really come to life in the rain. Think misty, jungle mountain landscapes and roaring waterfalls. While rain is not common during the tourist season, we provide ponchos and rain protective gear just in case!

Yes, you can drink alcohol in the evenings. However, we ask that you avoid drinking during the day while riding as this is dangerous.

Note: Lombok is a primarily Muslim country. This means alcohol is not a huge part of our culture. Our riders and guides can help provide what you need but we ask that you show respect for local communities.

Yes! We run an optional island camping trip to the Secret Gili Islands every week on Sunday, straight after the Loop. This is a great way to share one more night with your new Lombok Loop family!

Please enquire about this with the booking team. You don’t need to make up your mind before the Loop and last-minute cling-ons are common!

Lombok experiences warm and sunny weather in the southern regions, with temperatures typically ranging between 80-90°F (27-32°C).

However, in the mountains, particularly around Sembalun on the second evening, it can get significantly colder, with temperatures dropping to around 50-60°F (10-15°C).

Travelers should be prepared for this temperature variation by packing accordingly. Bring clothes for warm weather but one set for a cold evening!