Welcome to The Lombok Loop

What is the Lombok Loop?

The Lombok Loop is a small-group guided motorcycle tour inspired by the famous Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam. This all-inclusive tour runs for 4 days and 3 nights, taking the road less traveled to explore incredible hidden gems including beaches, mountain roads, jungles, waterfalls, and more!

Motorbike riders on the Lombok Loop tour in Indonesia
Mount Rinjani in Lombok
Take the Road Less Traveled

The Lombok Loop Itinerary

Day 01

Southern Lombok Beaches

Explore pristine beaches & untouched coves on the southern coast of Lombok.

Day 02

Rice Fields & Mountain Roads

Wind through the rice fields and jungle mountain roads at the foot of Mount Rinjani.

Day 03

Jungle Waterfalls

Hike to epic waterfalls and enjoy the mountain air of Northern Lombok.

Day 04

Volcanic Coast

Discover the volcanic black sand beaches of Lombok’s west coast.

Putting Lombok on the Map

Our Vision

The Lombok Loop envisions becoming the bridge that connects travelers to Lombok’s hidden treasures, fostering sustainable tourism that benefits travelers, local communities, and nature alike.

We aim to build a global family by sharing authentic, memorable motorbike adventures that celebrate the island’s natural beauty, rich culture, and the warm hospitality of its people.

Lombok Loop motorcycle tour in the rice fields of Tetebatu

Meet the Founders

The Lombok Loop was founded by Dayat, a Lombok native with an entrepreneurial spirit, and Olly, a photographer and travel blogger with a passion for adventure.

Back in 2018, Olly landed in Lombok and met Dayat at a small warung in Senggigi. Less than a day later, Dayat convinced Olly to help volunteer by teaching English for his non-profit English program for local kids in a nearby field.

From this first meeting, a friendship and partnership were forged. Over the years, they combined their skills to put Lombok on the map, turning their love for the island and its culture into the Lombok Loop in 2024.

Meet Our Riders & Team

Dayat from Lombok Loop


Sani from Lombok Loop


Fire Bender
Ilham from the Lombok Loop


The Voice
Guntur from Lombok Loop


The Chef
Adi from the Lombok Loop on a boat


Rival from the Lombok Loop in a tent


Rudi from the Lombok Loop


Booking Guru
Haylea on a motorbike in Lombok


Marketing Genius

What Our Travelers Have to Say

If you have the chance to do this trip, do it!!!
We jumped down waterfalls, ate delicious local food, drove through stunning landscapes, and enjoyed sitting together at a campfire while eating marshmallows.
I started this trip Solo and left with some amazing new friends!!
Girl putting on a motorbike helmet in the jungles of Lombok